W23 2024: Ebb and flow

Last week, I felt like I gained superpowers with regards to making progress. This week, the superpowers vanished, poof.

Mission website revamp #

I decided to switch to another domain provider as my previous one was charging a higher price for renewal (happening a month from now). I initiated a domain transfer, which requires getting an Auth Code. It took 3 DAYS just to receive that.

I had a solid mental plan for this revamp, and this delay derailed that plan. This waiting period somehow forced me into waiting mode - I started avoiding other projects, even ones that weren't related to the website. If I somehow got started on something, I couldn't make progress and gave up.

I received the Auth Code on Friday and proceeded with the transfer, which should complete sometime in the coming week! With this the waiting mode faded away, and I picked up pace over the weekend.

I moved the hosting of this site from Netlify to GitHub Pages, and have been experimenting with a different theme + static site generator.

A cool project idea? #

For some reason, my attention went to my Reading List this weekend. I have some pretty cool articles saved there, that I've either half-read or not touched at all.

I was thinking of ways how I could make the process more enjoyable, and I was reminded of times I used to annotate and write notes in the margins of textbooks in school.

Bringing that feeling online sounded like fun, and I started a hypothes.is account to do so.

Hypothesis works really well, however it didn't match the exact experience of writing notes in the margins. This spawned off a tiny project, which I'll write about in a separate post. I do have some reflections about it to share here though.

Working on this project was a different experience than other stuff I've written. I was coding mainly in JavaScript (a language I don't use very often) and I wasn't too clear on the final result of the project. This sounds like the perfect recipe for failure - I change the scope too many times and eventually give up - and I was close.

However, I managed to take a step back, decide on a set of features, and posted a demo within the Recurse Center community as a checkpoint. RC has been a supportive place to share stuff in an incomplete or not polished state, and I'd eventually like to get more comfortable doing so here on this blog.

Reflections #

As I'm writing this, I'm realizing this was actually a pretty standard week, but it felt a lot worse because I kept comparing with how the previous week went. I did do things, just not in the way I expected. And that's okay.

On the other hand, managing to pull myself out of the "give up" stage of a project is not something I would usually do, so maybe I still have some superpowers left?