W26-W27 2024: Very distracted

W25 2024: You win some, you lose some

W24 2024: Slow but steady progress

W23 2024: Ebb and flow

W22 2024: Starting weeknotes

Minified versions of fonts

Python type conversion cheatsheet

RC07: return statement;

RC06: Notes on creating a TUN interface

RC05: Creating and hosting a CTF challenge in two days

RC04: Shell Scripting Adventures

RC03: The Curious Case of the Inconsistent Byte Order

RC02: Extending filtering capabilities in Bubble Tea apps

RC01: Some InconsistenC's

RC00: Interesting Python behavior

Schedule Posts in Jekyll

Website Updates

Why Blog?

Writing Is Thinking

Linux x64 VM on an M1 Macbook

Creating A Blog with GitHub Pages and Jekyll

How To View and Update the Linux PATH Environment Variable
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