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W24 2024: Slow but steady progress

Impossible Stuff Day

Tuesday was Impossible Stuff Day at the Recurse Center, so I took this as an opportunity to do something I'd been putting off for a while - cleaning the dust underneath the keys of my laptop by removing them.

It took about half a day - I started at around 5PM and ended at 1:30AM (with breaks of course). There was A LOT of dust in there.

My laptop was switched off the entire time, which meant I got lots of off-screen time aside from the occasional phone checks. I was TIRED by the time I was done, and the exhaustion continued into Wednesday as well.

Completing cool project idea

I initially hoped to publish the code and write a post about it this week. However, getting the code to a publishable state took time as I basically ended up having to re-arrange and/or re-write parts of the code.

I did manage to fix some buggy parts of the code in the process, which was nice. I started drafting a post yesterday, and it should be up sometime this week.

Figuring out how to read a file in the ext4 filesystem

I was reading an article from my Reading List - Reading files the hard way - Part 3. I'd learnt about aspects of the ext4 filesystem from different articles, but didn't understand how they all connected together.

The latter half of the post explains this step by step through Rust code. Simply reading along was getting a little boring, so I decided it to port the code to C as I read the post!

I haven't completed the post yet, but I progressed enough to understand how it all works! Also somewhat figured how to read Rust code along the way, so that was a plus!

Slow progress on mission revamp

I fell down a theme rabbit hole, and came out of it liking my original theme once again! There were some elements of the redesign I liked though, so I'm slowly adding those changes in.

I didn't even get to the static site generator side of things, so I'll stick to my current setup for the meantime.


I generally tend to figure out what to do as the week progresses. This works for most things, except ones that take more effort to get started or aren't as fun.

As I have a bunch of those kind of tasks right now (writing a blog post, completing mission revamp, finishing up projects that are close to done), I'm going to try being more structured this week and see how that goes.