Inspired by the now page concept by Derek Sivers.

Updated: 30th March 2024

I never-graduated from the Recurse Center in October 2023. (how has it been 5 months already?!?!)

Since then, I continued to participate in Recurse activites till something clicked from a job point of view. I started off strong, then completely lost all momentum once the winter break started.

I would think of working on something, then make some progress, then got stuck and left the idea without completing it because I dragged it too much.

Overall, it felt like I was losing interest in things I once liked. As a result, days got pretty repetitive, to the point where the last few months feel like a blur when I think about them.

Things are looking hopeful though, as I joined the RC team as a part-time moderator for their chat platform last week! It's a new role, so it's 3 month contract, after which the role will be re-assesed.

Work has been great so far, and I'm looking to use the structure and motivation from the job to re-build a routine and do stuff I've been wanting to do for months - blogging regularly being the main priority.